Things I Learned Driving for Uber, Part 1

Things I Learned Driving for Uber, Part 1

March 17, 2018 biancanetta 0 Tags: , , , , ,

Like many hard-working people in this world, I have come to points in my life where the regular 9 to 5 job just doesn’t seem to be enough to pay all of the bills in life. Thank goodness that ridesharing came along to help those of us with a nice car and some spare time make a little extra money on the side. With that being said, I did not know that my time giving rides to strangers was going to provide me with a consistent source of amusement, as well as some very interesting conversations and situations. I have been documenting my experiences to share with my friends and family, and now I will share them with the public as well.

Here is the first (of many) lists I created out of my time with Uber:

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1. Drunk college kids are hilarious.

2. Trying to pick up anyone from campus after a game lets out is like trying to find a fart in a Jacuzzi.

3. Actually being able to pick up someone after the game lets out is lucrative.

4. The amount of student housing we have here now is incredible.

5. College kids think it’s funny when you tell overly inflated security guards that no you will not drop 3 teenaged girls in heels off at the bottom of a rocky hill because you wouldn’t want them breaking an ankle and suing, then calling him a lying mother fucker because he said there wasn’t any room for turning your car around and actually there is a whole cow field.

6. The majority of college kids appear to live at Campus Circle and party at Potbellys.

7. GPS location and apartments don’t mix.

8. They tore down the Players Club to build a new Players Club.

9. People still tip.

10. College girls love air freshener.

There will be more coming, I have quite a collection, so stay tuned…