Writing has been a hobby and a passion of mine since I was very young. I love books and stories and was fascinated by a Storyteller who would come to our school and tell us tales from around the world. I even joined her in a storytelling event one year.

I remember the moment it dawned on me that I didn't just have to tell other people's stories, that I could create my own and escape to where ever I wanted to and be whoever I wanted to be.

Short stories have always been my strength. I'm not sure why but I suppose my attention span is too short to concentrate on a full length novel.

For now I write short stories about romance and love, or humor that I find in everyday life. There is a smattering of poetry and photography along the way. Sometimes I paint or draw, just whatever outlet speaks to my soul in that moment.

This page is to invite the world to accompany me on my journey through life and bear witness to what I create with it.

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